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Food Processing

Hamilton is centrally located within one of the three largest food and beverage processing districts in North America. Ontario plays host to 3,200 globally recognized agri-food companies, many of which call Hamilton home. Hamilton’s food industry activities include food and beverage processing, warehousing and distribution, retailing and food service.  Hamilton, with its superior land base, central location, multi-model transportation network, and world class talent is in a position to take advantage of the many new markets and opportunities in an industry that continues to see annual growth rates. Food and Beverage Processing is a key component of the City’s Economic Development Strategy and one of the major targets for the City’s newly implemented Foreign Direct Investment Strategy. Hamilton is also a member community and current co-chair of the Ontario Food Cluster.


A recent Agriculture and Agri-Food Profile of the Golden Horseshoe shows that agriculture is a significant component of the local economy and generates approximately $893 million in economic activity into the City of Hamilton on an annual basis. For full report details go to Agricultural Profile.   This is a direct increase of approximately $70 million over the impact calculated in the agricultural profile from 2008. The City of Hamilton developed a long term Agricultural Action Plan in 2007 that identified tasks to support and sustain the Agriculture sector in this community, and this is largely reflected in the City’s new Rural Official Plan and Zoning By-law.

All of the City’s policies acknowledge the important contribution agriculture makes to the City’s economy and the quality of life for its residents, and support activities that will promote the industry. Hamilton is an area with a strong agricultural land base, the majority of the 227,000 acres within the Hamilton boundaries qualify as prime agricultural lands. Considering only 5% of the Canadian land mass constitutes prime land, the importance of this resource in Hamilton is significant. Statistics show strong local production in Nursery, Sod and Maple, Greenhouse, Cash Crops, Poultry and Egg, Vegetable, Mushroom and Dairy with a spin-off to food processing companies and value-added agriculture-related business that position Hamilton well in this evolving traditional sector.

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