Clean Technology

In recognition of the overall emerging environmental issues like climate change, air quality, high energy prices along with the introduction of the Provincial Green Energy Act and the establishment of the first comprehensive Feed-In Tariff Program, The City and Businesses have worked hard to move toward a “Greener Hamilton”

City Hall has worked hard to strive to be the centre of environmental and innovative excellence in Canada.

“Principles of environmental stewardship and innovation guide us as we implement programs to enhance the quality of life and the environment in our Community” – Chris Murray, City Manager

With a well established manufacturing sector, and as a result of our extensive Hamilton Calling Program we have uncovered an emerging manufacturing focus on the green economy. With its abundant number of research facilities, a growing clean-tech supply chain of business and supporting resources, Hamilton is favorably positioned to attract major renewable energy developers and investors to its community.

After 30 years operating in Hamilton, we could not think of a better city to expand with our solar business.  Access to a highly skilled labourforce, existing supply-chain to assist in the manufacturing process, efficient transportation systems and solid partnerships with world-class educational and training institutes such as McMaster University and Mohawk College has made Hamilton the best choice for us to invest.”  – Tom Murad, P.Eng., Ph.D., Director – Power Systems, JNE Consulting Ltd.

For new investment the focus is predominately on two key areas:

Power Generation is composed of companies engaged in the development and sale or the development and use of proprietary technologies to generate power from renewable resources, such as wind, solar, hydro, geothermal, co-generation or fuel cells.

Water and Wastewater targets companies who are predominantly engaged in activities working within Advanced Water Purification Technologies; Wastewater Treatment Technologies that treat grey water or wastewater from residential and industrial consumers & Water Resources Management Technologies.  To support this the City of Hamilton’s Water/Wastewater Demonstration & Training Centre offers dedicated pilot facilities committed to supporting technology and innovation that improves Water and Wastewater operations and is home to Hamilton’s Hydromantis SimuWorks™ state of the art operator training and development platform developed with data from working Wastewater SCADA and information systems.

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Water and Wastewater

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