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Creative Industries

Creative Cultural Industries includes a wide variety of business in areas such as music, film, fashion, writing and publishing, visual and applied arts, graphic design, and live performance and festivals. This sector fosters creativity and innovation; helps attract and support other industries and sectors through its positive impact on quality of life and enhances Hamilton’s image as a vibrant city.

Hamilton’s Industry Successes

Over the last five years music and film have grown and developed momentum:

  • In 2013, the City of Hamilton approved a Music Strategy 
  • In 2016 a Music Industry Working Committee* was formed enhancing the work of the Music Strategy Implementation Team
  • Hamilton is the second busiest film location in Ontario and processes 550 film permits each year and in 2015 filming in Hamilton generated $8,449,440 in direct spend (does not include economic spin off calculations)
  • Hamilton’s Creative Cultural Industries have helped move Hamilton forward with evidence provided in the Secret’s Out video

*The Music Industry Working Committee is a group of local music industry representatives from musicians; multicultural music genres/origins; venues; youth; music education; industry representation – managers, event organizers, record labels, promoters, recording studios; not for profit/support industries; festivals/events (outside of venues) who’s mandate includes:

  • Providing advice on the goals and priorities of the music industry to help support and achieve corporate priorities such as Economic Prosperity & Growth and Culture & Diversity.
  • Promoting Hamilton’s music industry by monitoring and advising on marketing strategies to strengthen the viability of the music sector.
  • Acting as a point of contact for members of the music community regarding issues affecting Hamilton and to help inform Council of issues and achievements

Industry Potential & Goals

Hamilton’s 2016-2020 Economic Development Action Plan has identified a number of goals and actions for this industry; a few highlights include:

  • Creation of a sector profile
  • Investigation and development and assessment of fashion and a potential incubator’s space
  • Launch of the City of Music marketing efforts and growth of the Live Music Venue Alliance
  • Attraction efforts for a large film studio with pre and post-production facilities
  • Establishment of a 1,000 seat live music/performance venue
  • Review and remove barriers within city by-laws, zoning etc. to support and encourage expansion and development of new creative cultural businesses
  • Creation of an Animation Strategy to help improve public spaces and other cultural planning efforts from the city’s Cultural Plan

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