Information and Communication Technology / Digital Media

The Digital and Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector is strong in Hamilton with many small and medium enterprises located in the Hamilton Technology Centre and throughout our City. Hamilton also attracts digital media, gaming and entertainment companies as a result of the varied courses at nearby universities and colleges.

Inno_Fact_logo_smHamilton has a wealth of assets to help drive the development of our Information and Communications Technology (ICT) & Digital Media cluster.  Innovation Factory (iF) has a network of strategic business resources to help ICT companies in Hamilton. From executive resources, to a network of volunteer mentors, community partners, iF offers services and events to help Information and Communications Technology and Digital Media companies thrive.

With more than 21 universities and colleges surrounding Hamilton, the city has the top talent and world class academic institutions to propel the digital sector forward. With a focus on digital technology and advanced information technology programs, the city is well positioned to take this lead in this highly competitive sector. With innovative programs tailored to the emerging needs of this fact paced industry, Hamilton draws talent from all academic disciplines. From research to development to final commercialization, business benefits from selecting Hamilton as its headquarters.

ICT Knowledge Sector Profile

Quick Facts:

Nearly 2000% increase of local company hires in ICT sector

+ 240% company growth in ICT from 2011 to 2014

Nearly 54% + increase in enrollment in McMaster University’s Graduate Studies

234% + increase in enrollment in McMaster University’s Computer Science programs

Talent – Networking and Academic Programming

Software Hamilton  covers Hamilton’s technology and start-up community offering dedicated networking and resources.

The W Booth School of Engineering Practice – Master of Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation

McMaster University – Mechatronics Engineering

Joint McMaster University & Mohawk College Bachelor of Technology Program

McMaster University – Masters of Sciences eHealth

Mohawk College – 3-Year Computer Systems Technology – Software Development Advanced Diploma

Mohawk College – 3-Year Graphic Design Advanced Diploma

Mohawk College iDeaWORKS

Mohawk College eHealth & mHealth Development & Innovation Centre

Resources and related informations: 

  • Office Tenancy Assistance Program – The City of Hamilton offers a low interest loan to building owners or tenants to support eligible lease/hold improvements to office buildings.

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