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The Waterfront & Shoreline is one of the City’s strategic priorities and involves improving, maintaining and enhancing our waterfront and shoreline by providing:

  • Clean and sustainable parks, recreational spaces, trails and amenities for all residents
  • Neighbourhood planning
  • Opportunities for investment from the business community

The geographic area that this project covers consists of the West Harbour; from Bayfront Park to Pier 9 (HMSC Haida) and Confederation Park.

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Current Projects

Pumping Station Construction for Piers 5 – 8: Public Information Centre

Past Projects and Initiatives

The development and improvement of our City’s waterfront has been taking place over the last 30 + years. There have been a number of projects over the last decade that have helped transform this public space including:

  • Bayfront Park (Pier 4)
  • West Harbour Trail in 2000
  • Hamilton Waterfront Trust initiatives
  • HMSC Haida (World War II destroyer on Pier 9)
  • Discovery Centre (Pier 8) and restaurant opened in 2012

A number of key projects are also now complete:


Future Initiatives

There are a large number of projects and up-coming reports; here are just a few highlights:

  • Urban Design Study for Barton-Tiffany (opportunities for public input from residents and businesses across the City)
  • Development of a James Street North GO Station
  • Investment in James Street North arts
  • A-line LRT Connection study
  • Confederation Park Economic Feasibility Study


Urban Design Study for Barton-Tiffany

Barton-Tiffany will be a mixed use area, with commercial and residential land uses. Commercial uses will be located adjacent to the rail yard and medium density residential will be mostly located on the north side of Barton Street West between Bay St North and Queen Street North. There is also a small pocket of low density residential at the Stuart Street and Bay Street North intersection.

The terms of reference for the Urban Design Study for the Barton Tiffany lands has been developed and staff are currently working to retain a consultant. The study will consider heights, densities, building forms, and locations, road layout, views, open space linkages (trails), connections to and from the area and servicing. In addition, the study will include a public consultation component as set out in the Setting Sail Secondary Plan.

Please check back for updates and opportunities for input and investment.


For questions about the Waterfront & Shoreline, please contact Chris Phillips at chris.phillips@hamilton.ca or via phone at 905-546-2424 ext. 5304.




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