Hamilton Economic Development

Apps for Health comes to Hamilton

As part of the City’s Economic Development Strategy, there is a concerted effort to foster the growth of the life sciences economic cluster. Life Sciences is the field of science that involve the scientific study of living organisms like plants, animals and human beings. In Hamilton’s case, this means a greater focus on biotechnology and applied research in the health sciences field- in part through the research coming out of McMaster University. Products include new MRI machines and CT Scanners.

In this spirit, there is also some outstanding technological ideas coming out of Mohawk College in Hamilton and will be showcased in their annual Apps for Health event (May 11-12, 2012, Mohawk College Fennell Campus)

Apps for Health interactive e-health event, providing an opportunity for professionals and students to discuss current trends in the industry while learning more about new emerging technologies, networking with fellow students and businesses and connecting with likeminded individuals, industry experts and health care professionals.

We encourage those interested in the life sciences field to check out this e-health event in the coming days and for more information on Hamilton’s life sciences sector, click here.




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