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City of Hamilton wins Canada’s top award for brownfield remediation

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Hamilton, ON- November 26, 2018 – At the annual Canadian Brownfields Network awards in Toronto last week, the City of Hamilton’s Economic Development Office took home Canada’s top award for brownfield redevelopment. Hamilton’s ERASE (Environmental Remediation and Site Enhancement) program was honoured as the top program in Canada.

“For cities like ours with a rich industrial heritage, brownfield remediation is always a top of mind issue,” said Jason Thorne, General Manager of the City of Hamilton’s Planning and Economic Development Department. “It is critical then that there are programs in place to facilitate the transition from former brownfield site to active redevelopment site and I believe no one in Canada does this better than the City of Hamilton.”

Hamilton’s ERASE program was first introduced in 2001 and is designed to assist property owners and developers in remediating former brownfield sites through a series of grants for site studies and actual remediation work. Older industrial areas of Hamilton have been the location of numerous past uses that could have potentially caused soil and groundwater contamination. This includes asphalt plants, petroleum storage, automobile wrecking yards, blacksmiths, textile mills, paint manufacturers, printers, dry cleaners and electroplaters. The City’s ERASE program has helped remediate many of these sites for new industrial, commercial, institutional and mixed uses.

In 2018, the City of Hamilton’s Economic Development Office revised the ERASE CIP (Community Improvement Plan) to ensure that the program remains responsive and relevant in regard to the redevelopment of brownfields within Hamilton- including providing additional incentives to support the remediation of heritage buildings and promote adaptive reuse in older industrial areas and former institutional buildings. Since 2001, 123 acres of brownfield lands have been remediated in Hamilton with an increase of approximately $3.13M in property taxes directly attributed to remediation and redevelopment of former brownfield sites.

“Clearly our program is working and is certainly a best practice for the rest of the nation,” said the City of Hamilton’s Urban Renewal Manager Judy Lam. “As we work through remediating these sites, we add value to the land, employment in our community and new tax revenues from our commercial/industrial sectors. There is so much potential for former industrial sites in Hamilton.”

Hamilton’s Economic Development Office is the central point of contact for business assistance. Its services are geared to serve new start-up companies, corporate relocations, and the expansion and retention of existing business. Its mission is to serve as the catalyst for continued economic growth, job creation, and revitalization in Hamilton.


Media Reference:
Michael Marini
Hamilton Economic Development
905-546-2424 ext. 1781

Meet Hamilton’s Fast 40

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November 21, 2018

Meet Hamilton’s Fast 40 – Annual ranking of Hamilton’s fastest growing companies

Hamilton, ON –   Today, the City of Hamilton’s Economic Development Office and Mayor Fred Eisenberger announced the inaugural “Hamilton Fast 40” winners.  The initiative is part of the 2016-2020 Economic Development Action Plan, which identifies a “stretch target” of having 10 Hamilton based businesses listed on Canadian Business (CB) Magazine’s 500 Fastest Growing Businesses list (the Growth 500).  To do this, a local program was created to identify the fastest growing companies in Hamilton and from there the applicants were encouraged and assisted in applying for the national honour.

“I’d like to extend my congratulations to each of the Hamilton Fast 40 and appreciate their continued investments in our community,” said Hamilton Economic Development Director Glen Norton. “The City of Hamilton is extremely proud to have these businesses based right here in our great city and we remain committed to helping them grow and succeed into the future.”

In order to be considered a “Fast 40” company, the following were asked of applicants:

  • Required to have a head office in Hamilton
  • Questions will mirror  the Canadian Business Magazine’s Growth 500 competition, with similar evaluation metrics (growth measured by 5 year change in revenue)
  • Companies with two or more years of history but less than five can also participate
  • Companies are required to disclose revenue and employment totals, but the information will not be shared or published- rather, only the % change
  • Companies do not need to provide financial statements for verification; Hamilton Economic Development would rely solely upon attestation of CEO.

“I’m thrilled with the calibre of Hamilton’s Fast 40 and even more thrilled with the fact that many of these companies went on to achieve the national ranking,” said Hamilton Mayor Fred Eisenberger.  “Hamiltonians should be very proud of the inaugural list of companies on the Fast 40 and I encourage other businesses in our city to consider applying for this ranking in the Spring of 2019.”

Hamilton’s Fast 40 for 2018 are: 

Partners in the Hamilton Fast 40 program to date included:

  • Hamilton Chamber of Commerce
  • Stoney Creek Chamber of Commerce
  • Flamborough Chamber of Commerce
  • Hamilton Spectator
  • Innovation Factory

Hamilton’s Economic Development Office is the central point of contact for business assistance. Its services are geared to serve new start-up companies, corporate relocations, and the expansion and retention of existing business.  Its mission is to serve as the catalyst for continued economic growth, job creation, and revitalization in Hamilton.


Media Contact: 

Michelle Shantz

Communications and Media Advisor

Office of Mayor Fred Eisenberger

Phone: 905-546-2424 ext. 4225

Email: michelle.shantz@hamilton.ca


Glen Norton

Director, Economic Development- City of Hamilton

905-546-2424 ext. 5780




Michael Marini

Hamilton Economic Development

905-546-2424 ext. 1781



Major Roadway Connection Proceeding in Ancaster Business Park

For Immediate Release

October 1, 2018

Extension of Cormorant Road key in opening up new employment lands

ANCASTER, ON – Today, City of Hamilton officials announced that they will be proceeding with the Cormorant Road extension in the Ancaster Business Park- having satisfied the remaining construction conditions that were requested by the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Ministry of the Environment.

“This is wonderful news for our local economy,” said Ancaster Ward 12 Councillor Lloyd Ferguson.  “More than a road extension, this will see 50 new acres of employment lands created. As well, with thousands employed in this park, an added second access point makes the park much safer and easier to access.”

The Ancaster Business Park currently houses major corporations such as TDL’s (Tim Hortons) Canadian roasting operations, Profit 500’s Steeped Tea, auto parts manufacturer Stackpole and the Canadian headquarters for Sunrise Records and Everest Wholesale.

As part of the announcement of construction commencement, City officials, guests and dignitaries will gather on Friday, October 5th at 10:00am at the intersection of Tradewind Drive and Cormorant Road for a photo opportunity as well as a short dedication ceremony to name the Cormorant Road extension Neil Everson Way.  Everson was the former Economic Development Director from 2001-2016 and during that time oversaw an economy that generated nearly $10 Billion in development permits for the City of Hamilton.  Everson retired from public life in 2016.

“The extension is welcomed news for new business development opportunities, but even more than that I am so pleased to see my former colleague is being recognized for his great impact on this park and on Hamilton’s economy over the many years,” said Economic Development Director Glen Norton.

Media Contact:
Michael Marini

Major Increase of Hamilton Companies on the Canadian Business Growth 500 List

For Immediate Release
September 13, 2018

Major Increase of Hamilton Companies on the Canadian Business Growth 500 List

HAMILTON, ON – Today, Canadian Business Magazine released their Growth 500 and Startup 50 national rankings. This year, there were nine Hamilton companies on the Growth 500 list and three Hamilton companies on the Startup 50 list. Last year, Hamilton only had four companies on the Growth 500 list and none on the Startup 50 list – an improvement of 200%.

“This is a great showing for Hamilton companies,” said Economic Development Director Glen Norton.  “One of our Economic Development Strategy stretch targets was to have 10 local companies on Canada’s Fastest Growing Businesses List. With the results announced today, we have exceeded this stretch target two years ahead of schedule, and we congratulate our Hamilton companies who are ranked amongst some of the best in Canada.”

Launched in the Spring of this year, the Hamilton Fast 40 program – where the City of Hamilton aimed at identifying the fastest growing companies in Hamilton (results to released in November) – was instrumental in identifying companies that were good candidates to apply for the Growth 500. As companies were identified for the Fast 40, they were also personally contacted and encouraged to apply for the Growth 500. The Growth 500 is widely recognized a prestigious recognition of entrepreneurial excellence in Canada and inclusion on the list gives greater national recognition to companies and potentially exposes them to greater avenues of funding, talent and customers.

“We are proud and honoured to be ranked alongside our Canadian peers on the 2018 Startup 50 ranking,” said Matthew Sheridan, CEO and Founder of Nix Sensor Ltd.  “Not only is this a testament to the entrepreneurial spirit in Canada, but also to the growing ingenuity here in Hamilton.”


For three decades, the Canada Business’ Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies program has identified and celebrated the most important and innovative businesses in the country.  Since launching in 1989, the Canada’s Fastest-Growing Company program ranks Canadian businesses on five-year revenue growth.

2018 Canadian Business Magazine – Growth 500 – Hamilton Companies

Everworks (Rank 17)

Joseph Haulage Canada (Rank 111)

Greenbelt Microgreens (Rank 123)

CAN-AM Cryoservices (Rank 143)

Gala Bakery (Rank 160)

Fairway Electrical Services (Rank 222)

Worksite Safety Compliance Centre (Rank 231)

McCallum Sather (Rank 395)

Orbis Communications (Rank 434)

2018 Canadian Business Magazine – Startup 50 – Hamilton Rankings

Caliber Communications (Rank 25)

Nix Sensor (Rank 33)

Collective Arts (Rank 40)

Hamilton was in the top 15 for number of Growth 500 companies (fast growth businesses, 5 or more years old) by City

Growth 500 Ranking – Number of Companies by City

Rank City Number of Growth 500 Companies
1 Toronto 112
2 Montreal 38
3 Vancouver 30
4 Mississauga 29
5 Calgary 23
6 Ottawa 22
7 Edmonton 16
8 Winnipeg 13
9 Markham 12
10 Vaughan 11
11 London 10
11 Oakville 10
13 Hamilton 9
13 Quebec City 9
15 Surrey 8

Only three other cities in Canada have more Startup 50 ranked companies (fast growth businesses, less than 5 years old)

Startup 50 Ranking – Number of Companies by City

Rank City Number of Start-up 50 Companies
1 Toronto 16
2 Montreal 6
3 Vancouver 4
4 Hamilton 3
4 Mississauga 3
4 Longueuil 3
7 Vaughan 2
7 Kitchener 2
7 Victoria 2
10 Burnaby 1
10 Kelowna 1
10 La Vallée-du-Richelieu 1
10 Winnipeg 1
10 Brockville 1
10 St. John’s 1
10 Halifax 1
10 Richmond 1
10 Markham 1

Hamilton’s Economic Development Office is the central point of contact for business assistance. Its services are geared to serve new start-up companies, corporate relocations, and the expansion and retention of existing business. Its mission is to serve as the catalyst for continued economic growth, job creation, and revitalization in Hamilton.


Media Contact:

Glen Norton
Director, Economic Development- City of Hamilton
905-546-2424 ext. 5780

CN investing in 1,000 new generation grain hopper cars to renew fleet and meet long-term needs of farmers

CN Media Release (PDF)

Hamilton Brings Home Seven National and International Marketing Awards

For Immediate Release
September 20, 2017

Hamilton Brings Home Seven National and International Marketing Awards

HAMILTON, ON –   The City of Hamilton’s Economic Development Office (EDO) won seven prestigious national and international marketing awards over the past two weeks. The office was celebrated for its foreign direct investment work as well as several marketing initiatives from both the International Economic Development Council (IEDC) and the Economic Developers Association of Canada (EDAC).

From website marketing, investment strategy to special event marketing, connectivity and business friendliness, the City of Hamilton covers it all.

“This recognition is proof once again that the team in Hamilton’s Economic Development Office is truly one of the best, not only in Canada, but also the world, as judged by these results,” said Mayor Fred Eisenberger.

At the International Economic Developers Council annual conference, Hamilton was honoured with four awards from fDi Magazine (a subsidiary of the Financial Times in London, England):

Category: Mid-sized cities (North America)

  1. Winner for best Foreign Direct Investment strategy
  2. A Top 10 City  Overall
  3. A Top 10 City for Connectivity
  4. A Top 10 City for Business Friendliness

The office also won the following awards at the IEDC International Marketing Awards:

  1. Gold Award – Special Event – “Nosh”
  2. Bronze Award – General Purpose Website – www.investinhamilton.ca

The previous week, EDO won the top promotional video at the EDAC National Marketing Awards for “Ambition is in Our Blood.”

“Time and again, the team at Hamilton Economic Development are turning out fantastic work both from an investment side and promotional side, and I am proud to lead such a talented group,” said Glen Norton, Economic Development Director of the City of Hamilton.

As well, Norton was elected to the Board of the Directors for the Economic Developers Association of Canada and the Consider Canada Cities Alliance (comprised of 13 largest cities in Canada).


Hamilton’s Economic Development Office is the central point of contact for business assistance. Its services are geared to serve new start-up companies, corporate relocations, and the expansion and retention of existing business. Its mission is to serve as the catalyst for continued economic growth, job creation and revitalization in Hamilton.

The International Economic Development Council (IEDC) is a non-profit, non-partisan membership organization serving economic developers. With more than 5,000 members, IEDC is the largest organization of its kind.

The Economic Developers Association of Canada (EDAC) is Canada’s national organization of economic developers pursuing excellence in the field since 1968. The association offers its members professional development, networking opportunities and a comprehensive offering of resources, both on and offline.

The Consider Canada City Alliance (CCCA) unites 13 of Canada’s largest municipal regions to build a sustainable and globally competitive national economy built upon the collective strength of each member’s ecosystem.  As an established network of Investment Promotion Agencies from coast to coast, the CCCA works with national and international networks of partners to make Canada the preferred location for foreign investment and trade.



Michael R. Marini MA, Cert. PR, APR, Ec.D.
Coordinator, Marketing
City of Hamilton

Amanda Kinnaird
Advisor to the Mayor, Communications and Media Relations
Office of Mayor Fred Eisenberger
City of Hamilton
C: 905-973-3263

ACI Air Cargo Inc. Named as Operator of Hamilton International’s Common-Use Air Cargo Centre

Hamilton, ON – (October 6, 2015)

Today John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport announced ACI Air Cargo Inc. (ACI) will operate the common-use half of its $12 million Air Cargo Centre.

“We’re very excited to announce ACI as operator of Hamilton International Airport’s Cargo Centre,” said Frank Scremin, President and CEO, John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport. “We believe this strategic partnership with ACI will further enhance Hamilton International’s dominant position in the Canadian air cargo market; we look forward to working together to grow air cargo activity and services at Hamilton.”

ACI Air Cargo Inc. will be responsible for all cargo handling services within the common use section of the Air Cargo Centre including bonded, e-commerce and temperature controlled air cargo handling, cross docking and end of runway cargo services which allows companies to move critical items in time-sensitive situations.

“We are pleased to be selected as operator for the Cargo Centre and eager to utilize this first-class facility and ideal location to offer unique logistics solutions to the express air cargo industry,” said Robert Thorndyke, President, ACI Air Cargo Inc. “We believe the combined strengths of Hamilton International Airport and ACI will result in enhanced and increased air cargo options for the marketplace.”

Hamilton International Airport’s Air Cargo Centre was funded through a joint partnership between the federal and Ontario governments, and TradePort International Corporation, with support from Hamilton’s municipal government.

In March 2014, Cargojet Airways was announced as anchor tenant for the Air Cargo Centre, occupying approximately half of the 77,000 square foot Facility.  ACI will operate the second half of the Facility under a common-use model.


About Air Cargo Inc.
ACI Air Cargo Inc. is a third party logistics provider specializing in air freight.  ACI Air Cargo Inc. operates dual bonded facilities at both Toronto Pearson International Airport and Montreal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport, moving thousands of tonnes of goods between some of the busiest ports in Canada and the United States.

About John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport
John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport is a growing passenger airport and the largest overnight express freight Airport in Canada. Its strategic location and uncongested 24/7 operations make it an attractive option for both passenger and cargo carriers looking to serve the Southern Ontario market. The Airport’s tie to Vantage Airport Group – an industry leading investor, developer and manager of airport assets – allows Hamilton International to incorporate best-in-class practices from around the world into its operations.

Media Contact
Lauren Yaksich
Director, Marketing & Communications

Site Selection Publishes Annual Canadian Rankings

Site Selection
6625 The Corners Parkway, Suite 200, Peachtree Corners, GA 30092  USA


Date: September 1, 2015
Contact: Adam Bruns
T: 770-325-3491 E-mail: adam.bruns@siteselection.com Website: http://siteselection.com/

Site Selection Publishes Annual Canadian Rankings

Atlanta, September 1, 2015: Québec is the most competitive province in a competitive nation, followed by Alberta, and a tie between Ontario and British Columbia. And metro areas from Greater Toronto and Montréal to Hamilton, Vancouver and Winnipeg head Site Selection’s annual list of top Canadian economic development groups (see full list below).

Those are the conclusions reached as Site Selection publishes its seventh annual Canada’s Best Locations awards and rankings, based on April 2014-March 2015 corporate end-user facility investment and job creation data derived from the publication’s proprietary New Plant Database and the magazine’s own research. The rankings include:

  • The Canadian Competitiveness Award, awarded to the leading province based on data derived from qualifying new corporate facilities and expansions;
  • Top Canadian Groups, recognizing local economic development groups based on project data, regional partnership, proactive and innovative programming, and quality data and Web tools and resources, and including an Honorable Mention category.

The Canadian Competitiveness Award goes to Invest Québec. “Just as the province’s most famous export, Cirque du Soleil, is pitching its tents all over the world, FDI trends show plenty of companies from those same countries pitching their tents in Quebec,” says Adam Bruns, managing editor of Site Selection. “From open immigration policies to infrastructure investment to proactive outreach abroad,” says Bruns, “Invest Quebec and the other provincial and regional economic development organizations among the top performers we salute this year exhibit a sense of creativity and collaboration that resonates with the creative and digital hubs that many of their communities are fostering.”

The Canada’s Best Locations 2015 report, entitled “Wonderlands,” includes a Canadian economic development directory, and appears in the September 2015 edition of Site Selection, available at siteselection.com.

“We make sure Canada is covered in every issue of Site Selection, from provincial and Canada-U.S. border updates to coverage of new projects in our industry reports,” says Mark Arend, editor in chief of Site Selection. “The annual Canada’s Best Locations feature sheds additional light on Canada’s many location options for corporate site selectors. We salute the provinces and communities that made this year’s rankings.”

The entire Canada’s Best Locations article appears in the September 2015 edition of Site Selection and online at www.siteselection.com. Also featured in the issue are Site Selection’s annual ranking of Top US Utilities in Economic Development, and reports on global infrastructure, logistics, and rural economic development. The issue also contains international, regional and state spotlights; industry reports; and several of the magazine’s popular Investment Profiles.

Site Selection magazine, published by Conway Inc., delivers expansion planning information to 48,000 executives of fast-growing firms. The senior publication in the development field, Site Selection is also available via Site Selection Online. The publication also publishes or co-publishes e-newsletters, including The Site Selection Dispatch and its Online Insider series, Life Sciences Report, Aerospace Report and Energy Report; The Global FDI Report; TrustBelt.com and the OnSITE Travel blog.

Headquartered in Atlanta, Ga., Conway since 1954 has been a trusted advisor to corporations, government economic development and investment promotion agencies around the world. Conway owns and manages London-based Conway Events, organizer of worldwide FDI events; Berlin-based FDI advisory firm Terrain Consulting; and New York-based Conway PR & Marketing, a leading PR and lead-generation firm. In February 2015 Conway formed an exclusive partnership with Silverlode Consulting Corp. as Conway’s corporate location advisory partner in the United States. Conway also manages the Industrial Asset Management Council and the Global FDI Association. Conway in 2013 launched a Custom Publishing Division that has published economic development guides for territories including Texas, California, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Wyoming, Iowa, Mississippi, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Conway employs over 80 people in 10 offices in seven countries.

Canadian Competitiveness Rankings

1. Invest Québec

2. Alberta Ministry of Innovation and Advanced Education

T3. Ontario Ministry of Economic Development, Employment and Infrastructure

T3. British Columbia Ministry of Jobs, Tourism & Skills Training

Top Canadian Economic Development Groups 2015 (in alphabetical order)

  • Calgary Economic Development
  • City of Charlottetown (PEI)
  • Edmonton Economic Development Corp.
  • City of Hamilton Economic Development (Ont.)
  • Montréal International
  • Québec International
  • Regina Regional Opportunities Commission
  • Invest Toronto
  • Vancouver Economic Commission
  • Economic Development Winnipeg

Top Canadian Economic Development Groups 2015 Honorable Mention

  • City of Brampton Economic Development Office (Ont.)
  • Canada’s Technology Triangle (Cambridge-Kitchener-Waterloo, Ont.)
  • Greater Halifax Partnership (NS)
  • Lloydminster Economic Development (Sask.)
  • London Economic Development Corp. (Ont.)
  • City of Mississauga Economic Development Office (Ont.)
  • City of Oshawa Economic Development (Ont.)
  • Enterprise Saint John (NB)
  • Saskatoon Regional Economic Development Authority (Sask.)
  • WindsorEssex Economic Development Corp. (Ont.)

2012 Marketing Canada Awards

Economic Developers Association of Canada
7 Innovation Drive, Suite 200, Flamborough, ON L9H 7H9 T: 905-689-8771 F: 905-689-5925


Date: October 2, 2012
Contact: Penny A. Gardiner, Ec.D., Chief Executive Officer
T: 905-689-8771 F: 905-689-5925 E-mail: gardiner@edac.ca Website: www.edac.ca

2012 Marketing Canada Awards
Economic Developers Association of Canada
Announces – “The Best of the Best”
Sponsored by: Deloitte

Flamborough, Ontario –

The Economic Developers Association of Canada (EDAC) is Canada’s national association of economic development professionals, representing every province and territory across Canada with 1,000+ members. The Association’s mission is to enhance the professional competence of economic development professionals and ensure placement of qualified people in the field of economic development, to advance economic development as a distinct, recognized, and self governing profession and to contribute to Canada’s well being.

The Association recognizes that marketing a community is an integral part of the economic development profession, therefore provides The Marketing Canada Awards competition as an opportunity to exchange and review promotional literature and other marketing material produced by municipalities across the country. This awards program is open to those organizations that undertake to promote and market Canadian provinces, territories, regions, cities, towns and areas with a view to improving the economic well-being of Canadians. City of Hamilton Economic Development, during the Economic Developers Association of Canada’s 44th Annual Conference, was awarded three Marketing Canada Awards:

First Place for their “Sew Hungry” Promotional Event submission
“Hamilton Cartoon” Promotional Video submission
EDAC Cup Contender
“Sew Hungry” Promotional Event

This year’s adjudication committee consisted of David Needham, Needham Promotions, Bradford, ON; Jim McGimpsey, On Three Communication Design Inc.; Hamilton, ON; Carl Knipfel, Lankinhouse Design, Toronto, ON; Heather Buttrum, On Three Communication Design Inc., Hamilton, ON.

This year’s awards program attracted 160 submissions from across Canada. We thank you for supporting our awards program.

Navistar Returns to Hamilton

HAMILTON, ON – September 4th, 2012 – Today, Navistar, one of the world’s leading truck, bus, Recreational Vehicle and diesel engine manufacturers will break ground in the Red Hill Business Park for a new 250,000 s.f. parts distribution centre. Navistar will be located directly across the road from the 500,000 s.f.  Maple Leafs Foods processing operation now under construction.

“We are looking forward to moving to a new and larger facility to support our growth in Canada,” said Joe Kory, Vice President, Global Parts Distribution Operations, Navistar.  “This facility will feature the latest innovations in lean distribution to help us provide greater support to our customers.”

The distribution facility will serve as the parts distribution centre for eastern Canada to support International® and IC Bus™ vehicles, MaxxForce® diesel engines, and all makes of commercial trucks. The distribution centre will be completed by May 2014 and will be home to 50 -60 employees. This new facility will replace Navistar’s existing parts distribution centre in Burlington, Ontario.

“Navistar and International Harvester are synonymous with the history of Hamilton and Burlington Street,” said Hamilton Mayor Bob Bratina. “To have this company return to our community is another major step in our continued renaissance. It also demonstrates that the investment this Council made in our Economic Development function was money well spent as it continues to provide measurable returns in non-residential assessment and jobs.“

The project’s Developer is Mr. Joe Hamadi, President of the Woodbridge based Sora Group. He acknowledged the strategic location of the Red Hill Business Park and applauded the efforts of the Mayor and City Staff to meet their tight timelines for this development. “On Friday, May 4th we requested a meeting with the Mayor, City Manager and Senior City staff,” said Mr. Hamadi. “That meeting was convened on Monday May 7th and a pre-consultation meeting for the project was held with Senior City staff four days later. This is clearly a municipality that wants investment and can deliver service.”

About Navistar

Navistar International Corporation (NYSE: NAV) is a holding company whose subsidiaries and affiliates produce International® brand commercial and military trucks, MaxxForce® brand diesel engines, IC Bus™ brand school and commercial buses and Navistar RV brands of recreational vehicles. The company also provides truck and diesel engine service parts. Additional information is available at www.Navistar.com/newsroom.





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