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Downtown Hamilton Secondary Plan

The Downtown Hamilton Secondary Plan is the formal plan for the area bounded by Queen, Cannon, Wellington and Hunter Street. It is part of the Official Plan for the City of Hamilton.

Designed to foster a dynamic mix of urban residential, commercial and institutional activities across the Downtown, the plan also recognizes the importance of the existing built form, and translates amenities and attributes into a detailed design framework for the Downtown.

The Secondary Plan has two important functions. First, it presents the community’s vision for the future of the Downtown to guide public and private decision-making. Second, the Plan indicates what the City’s priorities will be for publicly funded initiatives in the Downtown.

In effect, the Plan serves as a re-investment strategy that will assist Council and the Administration in preparing annual budgets and improvement programs. To ensure a consistent approach to Downtown revitalization, the following six principles were established so that initiatives and proposals could be effectively measured:

  • Use public realm improvements as the catalyst for revitalization;
  • Strengthen the connection to neighbourhoods, the Waterfront, the Escarpment and other surrounding features or attractions;
  • Make downtown living attractive;
  • Build on existing strengths;
  • Recognize the value of modest improvements and changes;
  • Pursue a limited number of carefully designed and executed major projects.

Thematically, the Secondary Plan policies are grouped into five areas:

  • Respecting design and heritage;
  • Carving out a distinct economic role;
  • Creating quality residential neighbourhoods;
  • Enhancing streets and public spaces;
  • Establishing a new system for planning approvals.

Through implementation of the plan over the next 10 to 20 years, the desired patterns of revitalization and re-development will emerge.

Targeted public infrastructure improvements and capital investments will serve as catalysts for ongoing private development activity and sustained interest within the Downtown.

The award winning Downtown Hamilton Secondary Plan and Downtown Transportation Master Plan have been used as a basis for Urban Design improvement initiatives in Downtown Hamilton.

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