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Eat Street comes to Hamilton

The Eat Street production crew interviews brothers Mike, left, and Stephen Algera about their grilled cheezer experience.Addison Forret and his family drove all the way from Stouffville to wait in an hour-long line just for a grilled cheese sandwich.

The Forrets love food trucks — they plan family vacations around the Food Network show Eat Street. So when they heard host James Cunningham would be in Hamilton Sunday to feature the Gorilla Cheese truck, they knew they had to make the trek.

“Yup, it was worth it,” Forret grinned, digesting on a bench in the park.

Eat Street is produced in Canada but typically focuses on American food trucks. In Canada, trucks more often run into climate and bylaw restrictions, Cunningham said.

The Toronto-born Food Network star kicked off his comedy career at Yuk Yuk’s in downtown Hamilton, he said, so he was excited to be back for the shoot.

“We love our Canadian trucks … this is a really, really positive thing (for the city). Trucks bring gourmet food to the streets at affordable prices,” he said.

Gorilla Cheese won its segment on Eat Street through the show’s online video contest.

“And first of all, I love grilled cheese. They do what they do really well and they do it in a pretty cool way. And they create excitement … look at all these families out,” Cunningham said.

Sunday’s filming (the episode won’t air for a few months) lined up perfectly with Gorilla Cheese’s one-year anniversary on Saturday.

“Of all the things in the past year, winning Lion’s Lair and winning tourism awards, changing the bylaws in Hamilton was probably our biggest achievement,” said Graeme Smith, co-owner of Gorilla Cheese.

And its Food Network debut this year is a pretty good way to start off year two.

“It’s awesome, it’s important on quite a few levels. I mean, it will be great to be showcased in 40 countries,” he said. “But the most important thing is that we were voted in by all these people.”

Article courtesy of the Hamilton Spectator.




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