Hamilton Economic Development

Doing Business in Hamilton

The following organizations provide quality networking events as well as workshops and seminars to help new international firms navigate the business ecosystem.

  • Hamilton Chamber of Commerce – Hamilton’s oldest institution is dedicated to contributing to the success of Hamilton’s Business members and the Hamilton community by connecting businesses to the greater community through their events. For a listing of the most recent events, please click here: https://www.hamiltonchamber.ca/events-home/
  • Innovation Factory – Hamilton’s regional innovation center is well positioned to help new technology and innovative businesses start and thrive in Hamilton. Innovation Factory is funded by the Ontario Government and can help new firms access government funds in order to build technology/innovative businesses. Please click on the website for more information: http://innovationfactory.ca

Trade Missions

The City of Hamilton’s Economic Development team has identified several international markets to build partnerships and trade opportunities with. The countries identified include: Colombia, Chile, Brazil, Costa Rica, Germany, India, and China. The Economic Development team will also be strengthening existing relationships with Hamilton’s Twin Cities located in the following countries; Japan, Italy, USA, and Mexico.

Upcoming Trade Missions will include: India and Colombia (more information to be added later)

Role of Economic Development and the Business Development Consultants

Economic Development within a community is to attract and retain businesses to the community. In Hamilton, the Business Development Consultant teams to help Hamilton companies navigate the municipal environment and achieve growth and expansion results. Hamilton’s Economic Development team is responsible for facilitating, promoting, and ensuring that the community is able to secure opportunities for business development and increase local employment. Here are some reasons why Hamilton’s Economic Development team is important to the growth and sustainability of Hamilton:

  • Increased Tax Base – finding revenue generating opportunities to help build and improve local infrastructure
  • Job Development – helping businesses create jobs within the community by helping businesses grow and succeed
  • Business Retention – keeping businesses and jobs here in Hamilton
  • Economic Diversification – a diversified economic base helps expand the local economy and reduces a community’s vulnerability to a single business sector
  • Self Sufficiency – a stronger economic base means public services are less dependent on intergovernmental influences and alliances
  • Productive Use of Property – finding the highest and best use for property maximizes the value of the property
  • Quality of Life – more local tax dollars and jobs raise the economic tide for the entire community
  • Recognition of Local Products – successful economic development often occurs when locally produced goods are consumed in the local market




Ranked Canada's most diversified economy, home to Canada's busiest multi-modal cargo airport, the busiest port on the Canadian Great Lakes, and centrally located within a one hour drive to Toronto, Waterloo and the Niagara/US Border, Hamilton is at the center of it all. With two internationally renowned post-secondary institutions in the city (surrounded by 23 other), a diverse and learned workforce and both ample greenfield and urban sites upon which to build, we're ready for your investment.

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