Hamilton Economic Development

International Delegations – Request a Visit

The City of Hamilton values partnerships and networking opportunities with other municipalities, academic institutions, and organizations around the world. Building and sustaining international relationships is critical to Hamilton’s vision of becoming a leading city in Canada.

Who can request a visit?

  • Requests for study tours and delegation visits can be initiated by:
  • Embassies in Ottawa and consulates in Toronto
  • National, state, provincial, and municipal governments
  • Mayor’s offices
  • Recognized professional organizations and development agencies
  • Hamilton’s twin cities

How to request a visit:

Complete the online Visiting Delegations Request Form to initiate meetings with appropriate municipal officials at least two weeks prior to proposed visitation dates.

The City’s Economic Development Division will review all requests to ensure legitimacy, provide maximum benefit to the City, and offer efficient inter-departmental coordination.

Visitor interest and intent:

Dignitaries and delegations can request to meet with City staff or members of Council about:

  • Economic development – activities include investment in Hamilton, establishing new partnerships and developing projects and initiatives to build economic wealth in Hamilton.
  • Cultural development – activities include working with existing cultural and local organizations, sharing customs, developing connections, and exploring mundialization efforts.
  • Study tours – activities include learning about best practices, municipal infrastructure, sustainability practices, and connecting with local academic institutions. Study tours are arranged with there is a clear mutual benefit in the exchange of information and opportunities for future economic development.




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