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Hamilton, Mac & law firm Gowling are helping startups make their way in the world

A unique partnership between McMaster University, the city of Hamilton, and an international law firm is aiming to help “start ups” in the city get off the ground and profit.

There are some really cool projects at the McMaster Automotive Resource Centre. Joel Roeleveld is a research engineer with McMaster who says the the partnership could help a lot of local ideas.

“New motors and motor technology we hopefully think will revolutionize high-efficiency and robust motors.”

All used in the creation of hybrid race cars that were built at MARC.

“Those cars are student build cars, 90% of the components are hand built by the students.”

“The one thing that the university has is a lot of great ideas on the we can bring it to a certain stage,” says Gay Yuyitung, and industry liason for McMaster University, “but takes a village to create successful companies.”

That’s where the law firm “Gowling” comes in.

“What we’re trying to do is facilitate connections between those businesses so that they might become aware of McMaster and Hamilton and it’s economy, become it’s customers, suppliers, lenders, with a view to helping this area along.” says Louis Frapporti, managing partner at Glowing WLG’s Hamilton office.

The partnership is in the early stages but already engineers at McMaster can imagine the financial benefits. The end goal of the partnership is to launch new technology from Hamilton, attract business here, and even bring top notch engineers to the city and university.

Article courtesy of CHCH




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