Hamilton Economic Development

Hamilton Wins 4 EDCO Awards

On Thursday, February 2nd, the Economic Development Division was honoured with four provincial marketing awards from the Economic Developers Council of Ontario (EDCO) – one of the City’s best showings ever at these prestigious awards.

Hamilton won for best economic development website for the renewed investbak.2genbox.net site (where we partnered with web firm 2Gen.net), best annual report (https://www.investinhamilton.ca//onebillion) (where we partnered with design firm Factor(e) and Banko Media), best stand alone ad (view here) for our new LEED incentive program and best social media campaign for last September’s Sew Hungry Food Truck Rally on Ottawa Street (where we partnered with the Ottawa Street BIA and the Ottawa Street Farmers’ Market).

We are so proud of this accomplishment for the City of Hamilton and even more pleased to see that our creative and community partners could share in this wonderful honour from Canada’s largest provincial economic development organization. Congratulations to Tyler Cowie (Factor(e)), Dan Banko (Banko Media), Mark Wu (2Gen.net), Elisha Proietti (Ottawa Street Farmers’ Market) and Patti Hayes (Ottawa Street Business Improvement Area).




Ranked Canada's most diversified economy, home to Canada's busiest multi-modal cargo airport, the busiest port on the Canadian Great Lakes, and centrally located within a one hour drive to Toronto, Waterloo and the Niagara/US Border, Hamilton is at the center of it all. With two internationally renowned post-secondary institutions in the city (surrounded by 23 other), a diverse and learned workforce and both ample greenfield and urban sites upon which to build, we're ready for your investment.

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