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Hive mentorship program launched

Young professionals looking for advice to build their businesses now have a new well to draw from.

Hamilton Hive’s new mentorship program has been officially launched, giving the next generation a chance to pick the brains of experienced business people in their areas.

“We did this because a lot of people have approached us saying it’s hard to find people who know their stuff,” said Melissa Height, Hamilton Hive chair. “In fact, the city is filled with people who can help; all that’s needed is a way to make that happen.”

The Hive’s answer to this need is simple — young professionals looking for advice and older players with advice to give register for a new Internet site, build a profile, exchange messages and follow a news feed.

Height said the new site has been operating less that a week and is already attracting wide interest.

“We were surprised at how many people signed up right away,” she said. “I think people have seen the value of this right away.”

Mentorship sites aren’t new. Height said what’s different about this one is the fact there’s no minimum commitment.

“We’re not setting any kind of time commitment for the leader,” she said. “An hour a month seems like nothing, but it’s invaluable to the people who need it.”

Hamilton Hive was formed about four years ago as a way to provide a simple resource for the city’s growing network of young professionals looking to make connections that would help them start or advance their careers.

The new mentorship site is at http://www.hiveconnect.ca/

Article courtesy of  The Hamilton Spectator.




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