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Advanced Manufacturing

Industrial manufacturing has been the driving force of Hamilton’s local economy for more than a century. Today it represents a significant provincial impact with an estimated $12 billion annual effect or the equivalent of 4% of Ontario’s economy.

The advanced manufacturing sector is highly competitive. New emerging technologies and systems design, innovative thinking, and the opening up of new markets through the global reach of the Internet have both challenged and enhanced this powerful sector. Hamilton’s strategic location at the centre of Ontario’s Golden Horseshoe and close proximity to the U.S. market makes it a wise location decision for national and international direct investment. Hamilton offers the talent, development resources and business enablers that innovative, leading edge firms need for international success.

Canada’s competitive position enhances Hamilton’s ability to develop and sustain world-class advanced manufacturing firms. Strong leadership, innovation and expertise are the corner stones of Hamilton’s advanced manufacturing sector. The also City provides incentive programs to help businesses thrive and facilitates strategic business relationships to further return on investment by international, national and local companies.

Among Hamilton’s internationally recognized centres of excellence for advanced manufacturing are: McMaster Automotive Resource Centre; CanmetMaterials Laboratory; United Nations University’s Institute for Water, Environment and Health; Canadian Centre for Inland Waters; McMaster University and Mohawk College.

Clean Technology

With a well established manufacturing sector, and as a result of our extensive Hamilton Calling Program we have uncovered an emerging manufacturing focus on the green economy. With its abundant number of research facilities, a growing clean-tech supply chain of business and supporting resources, Hamilton is favorably positioned to attract major renewable energy developers and investors to its community.

For new investment the focus is predominately on two key areas:

Power Generation is composed of companies engaged in the development and sale or the development and use of proprietary technologies to generate power from renewable resources, such as wind, solar, hydro, geothermal, co-generation or fuel cells.

Water and Wastewater targets companies who are predominantly engaged in activities working within Advanced Water Purification Technologies; Wastewater Treatment Technologies that treat grey water or wastewater from residential and industrial consumers & Water Resources Management Technologies.  To support this the City of Hamilton’s Water/Wastewater Demonstration and Training Centre offers dedicated pilot facilities committed to supporting technology and innovation that improves Water and Wastewater operations and is home to Hamilton’s Hydromantis SimuWorks™ state of the art operator training and development platform developed with data from working Wastewater SCADA and information system.

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