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REIN (Real Estate Investment Network) of Canada has ranked Hamilton as one of the top locations in which to invest in Ontario.

”The wheels have been set in motion to create a major high-tech industrial park in conjunction with growth at McMaster University, sparking an entrepreneurial spirit in the City,” says REIN founding partner Don Campbell.  ”Known formerly as a hard-working steel town, the City has quickly shed this image in the eyes of potential investors – as indicated by the record breaking building permit values Hamilton has experienced in recent years.”

The City of Hamilton is home to nine business parks/districts which offer a wide variety of buildings for sale or lease and vacant parcels of land for future development opportunities.  All information, data & maps reflect the council-adopted Urban Hamilton Official Plan E-1 Schedule.

These parks include:

Airport Business Park/ Airport Employment Growth District

The Airport Business Park is located in the southern portion of the City of Hamilton, above the Escarpment. The lands have a gross site area of approximately 735 acres primarily located on the west side of Highway No. 6, east of the Hamilton International Airport.

In addition, the City of Hamilton has established a special policy area within the Official Plan to study further for the creation an employment area known as the Airport Employment Growth District over the next several years. The study is intended to provide for the development of employment lands surrounding the Hamilton International Airport and along New Highway 6 critical to meet the needs of the City’s growing population.

Also, the City has implemented policy to protect the Hamilton Airport’s 24-hour/7-days-a-week operation by restricting incompatible and noise sensitive land uses within the noise exposure forecast (NEF) area surrounding the airport.

The Airport Employment Growth District fits nicely with the City’s growth strategy, GRIDS, which has identified the District as an area where the City will meet it’s projected employment land needs to the year 2031.

Ancaster Business Park

The Ancaster Business Park is situated between Shaver and Trinity Church Roads north and south of Wilson Street. There are a total of 660 gross site acres of employment land within the Ancaster Business Park.

Bayfront Industrial Area

The Bayfront Industrial Area is located in the north end of the City bounded by Queen Street in the west, Nash Road to the east, north of Barton Street and south of Hamilton Harbour and the Queen Elizabeth Way. The total area is approximately 3,700 acres.

East Hamilton Industrial Area

The East Hamilton Industrial Area is located in the north-east end of the City adjacent to the Red Hill Valley Parkway and Queen Elizabeth Way. The area is approximately 560 acres and is bounded by Nash Road in west, Grays Road in the East, Barton to the south and Queen Elizabeth Way to the north.

Flamborough Business Park

The Flamborough Business Park is located above the Escarpment at the intersection of Highway Nos. 5 and 6 in the former Town of Flamborough. This location, commonly referred to as Clappisons Corners, includes approximately 630 acres of land within the boundary of the Park. The Flamborough Business Park is divided into 4 quadrants by the intersection of Highway Nos. 5 and 6. The Business Park abuts the west end of the Waterdown Urban Area.

Red Hill Business Park North and Red Hill Business Park South

The Red Hill Business Parks are 1,552 acres (in two distinct parcels- Red Hill Business Park North, and Red Hill Business Park South), zoned industrial, and located at the south end of the city. The Parks reside within the urban boundary of the City and is strategically located at the junction of the Lincoln M. Alexander Parkway and The Red Hill Valley Parkway, and only minutes from the Queen Elizabeth Way and Highway 403.

  • Learn more about Red Hill Park here: LINK (video)

Stoney Creek Business Park

The Stoney Creek Business Park is situated generally between Grays Road and Fifty Road, south of the Queen Elizabeth Way, north of Barton Street. There are a total of 1,856 gross acres of employment land within the Stoney Creek Business Park.

West Hamilton Innovation District/McMaster Innovation Park

The West Hamilton Innovation District Special Policy Area will be a regional technology node that will function as a centre of innovation for corporate, academic and government research in science and technology and will be recognized as a major entry point in to the City.

The area includes the land to the south of Main Street West, west of Dundurn Street South and the CP railway line, north of Aberdeen Avenue, and east of Highway 403, as illustrated on the map. It contains the former Camco manufacturing site along both sides of Longwood Road between Highway 403 and Aberdeen Avenue. This site has been acquired by McMaster University for development of the McMaster Innovation Park.

For on-going updates on the West Hamilton Innovation District go to www.hamilton.ca/whia

For on-going updates on the McMaster Innovation Park go to www.mcmaster.ca/research/mip.htm






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