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Major Increase of Hamilton Companies on the Canadian Business Growth 500 List

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September 13, 2018

Major Increase of Hamilton Companies on the Canadian Business Growth 500 List

HAMILTON, ON – Today, Canadian Business Magazine released their Growth 500 and Startup 50 national rankings. This year, there were nine Hamilton companies on the Growth 500 list and three Hamilton companies on the Startup 50 list. Last year, Hamilton only had four companies on the Growth 500 list and none on the Startup 50 list – an improvement of 200%.

“This is a great showing for Hamilton companies,” said Economic Development Director Glen Norton.  “One of our Economic Development Strategy stretch targets was to have 10 local companies on Canada’s Fastest Growing Businesses List. With the results announced today, we have exceeded this stretch target two years ahead of schedule, and we congratulate our Hamilton companies who are ranked amongst some of the best in Canada.”

Launched in the Spring of this year, the Hamilton Fast 40 program – where the City of Hamilton aimed at identifying the fastest growing companies in Hamilton (results to released in November) – was instrumental in identifying companies that were good candidates to apply for the Growth 500. As companies were identified for the Fast 40, they were also personally contacted and encouraged to apply for the Growth 500. The Growth 500 is widely recognized a prestigious recognition of entrepreneurial excellence in Canada and inclusion on the list gives greater national recognition to companies and potentially exposes them to greater avenues of funding, talent and customers.

“We are proud and honoured to be ranked alongside our Canadian peers on the 2018 Startup 50 ranking,” said Matthew Sheridan, CEO and Founder of Nix Sensor Ltd.  “Not only is this a testament to the entrepreneurial spirit in Canada, but also to the growing ingenuity here in Hamilton.”


For three decades, the Canada Business’ Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies program has identified and celebrated the most important and innovative businesses in the country.  Since launching in 1989, the Canada’s Fastest-Growing Company program ranks Canadian businesses on five-year revenue growth.

2018 Canadian Business Magazine – Growth 500 – Hamilton Companies

Everworks (Rank 17)

Joseph Haulage Canada (Rank 111)

Greenbelt Microgreens (Rank 123)

CAN-AM Cryoservices (Rank 143)

Gala Bakery (Rank 160)

Fairway Electrical Services (Rank 222)

Worksite Safety Compliance Centre (Rank 231)

McCallum Sather (Rank 395)

Orbis Communications (Rank 434)

2018 Canadian Business Magazine – Startup 50 – Hamilton Rankings

Caliber Communications (Rank 25)

Nix Sensor (Rank 33)

Collective Arts (Rank 40)

Hamilton was in the top 15 for number of Growth 500 companies (fast growth businesses, 5 or more years old) by City

Growth 500 Ranking – Number of Companies by City

Rank City Number of Growth 500 Companies
1 Toronto 112
2 Montreal 38
3 Vancouver 30
4 Mississauga 29
5 Calgary 23
6 Ottawa 22
7 Edmonton 16
8 Winnipeg 13
9 Markham 12
10 Vaughan 11
11 London 10
11 Oakville 10
13 Hamilton 9
13 Quebec City 9
15 Surrey 8

Only three other cities in Canada have more Startup 50 ranked companies (fast growth businesses, less than 5 years old)

Startup 50 Ranking – Number of Companies by City

Rank City Number of Start-up 50 Companies
1 Toronto 16
2 Montreal 6
3 Vancouver 4
4 Hamilton 3
4 Mississauga 3
4 Longueuil 3
7 Vaughan 2
7 Kitchener 2
7 Victoria 2
10 Burnaby 1
10 Kelowna 1
10 La Vallée-du-Richelieu 1
10 Winnipeg 1
10 Brockville 1
10 St. John’s 1
10 Halifax 1
10 Richmond 1
10 Markham 1

Hamilton’s Economic Development Office is the central point of contact for business assistance. Its services are geared to serve new start-up companies, corporate relocations, and the expansion and retention of existing business. Its mission is to serve as the catalyst for continued economic growth, job creation, and revitalization in Hamilton.


Media Contact:

Glen Norton
Director, Economic Development- City of Hamilton
905-546-2424 ext. 5780




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