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New flying school opens at Hamilton airport

A new flying school has landed at Hamilton airport.

Golden Horseshoe Aviation started operating at the Mount Hope field May 1 aiming to provide “busy business professionals who work or live in the Golden Horseshoe Area with access to safe, convenient private or commercial pilot training.”

John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport has been without a flying school since 2008 when the airport operator forced Peninsulair out in order to turn its hangar over to another tenant.

“We are committed to providing Hamilton and the surrounding region with the opportunity to access high quality flight training” said airport president Frank Scremin in a news release. “We recognize the need for general aviation services, including flight training, at the airport and are thrilled to partner with Golden Horseshoe Aviation to offer a service that meets the demands of the general aviation community.”

Golden Horseshoe president Michael Geraghty said Hamilton airport would give his students “a sophisticated, controlled airspace that will allow them to develop the confidence and ability needed to fly in the busy airways of Canada and the United States.”

Golden Horseshoe boasts of its “executive class” surroundings, small class size, late- model aircraft equipped with modern avionics, flight briefings delivered using both “old-fashioned” white boards and online learning modules, and a full-motion flight simulator for students and recertification for existing pilots.

The company also rents late-model airplanes for existing pilots and provides aerial sightseeing for residents and visitors.

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